• Selected Journeys

    "The world teaches"

    The Royal Geographical Society Land Rover Bursary 2017

    In November 2017 The Water Diaries Expedition crossed Jordan to create Educational Resources to bring the world of water alive in classroom in the UK and beyond. Geography Teacher Fearghal O'Nuallain, Field Scientist Shane McGuinness and FilmMaker Temujin Doran investigated water issues a New Model Land Rover Discovery.

    HighWater 2015

    In 2015 Fearghal spent his summer holidays traveling across the Altiplano with Temujin Doran to make ALTIPLANO. Our journey began at 6088m on the top of Huayna Potosi, we hitched, trekked & paddled our way along the water-course to the Salt Flats at Uyuni. The purpose of our journey was to explore a fresh perspective on Climate Change to discover a way harnessing Adventure to engage with an environmental issue. Watch the teaser here.

    Revolution Cycle 2008-10

    Over 18months Fearghal cycled 31,000km with Simon Evans through the some of the highest, driest, remotest, wettest, poorest and hottest places on earth. Enduring; electrical storms at 4,000m in Bolivia, a knife attack in Iran, -15 degree blizzards in Turkey, and 45 degree desert crossings in Western China. In doing they so became the first two Irish Irishmen to circumnavigate the globe by bike. Read the blog here and watch their journey from Dublin to Colombia & Shanghai to Dublin.

    Walking Rwanda 2011

    This was a 220km solo walk across Rwanda from Lake Kivu to Lake Ihema conducting research for MSc thesis in Environment & Development from Trinity College Dublin. See Geographical article for more.

    Via Egnatia 2013

    1,000km hitching, hiking & biking across the Balkan Peninsula following the Via Egnatia an old roman road from Istanbul to the Albanian coast. An impromptu low budget adventure that allowed me to get a deeper understanding of ancient infrastructure and consider how it connects a fractious region today.

    Tramping Transylvania 2012

    Fearghal spent 3 weeks tramping through Transylvania; camping, trekking, & hitching at sub zero temperatures. The purpose of the journey was to find solitude in the Carpathian mountains. Instead, in a frozen landscape on the margins of Europe, he found warm & resilient people, stark economic inequality, and political tension.

    The Prince's Highway 2003

    Fearghal was working as a chef in Melbourne when he was out on one night bought a fully loaded turing bike from a guy he met in a bar. Two weeks later he was cycling the 900km to Sydney along the Prince's Highway.