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    The world teaches us more than books is my guiding principle.

    I have been going on adventurous journeys great and small for over a decade. 


    "If you're not interested in the world, you can't learn"









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    Bringing the world of water into the classroom.

  • Selected Journeys

    "The world teaches"

    HighWater 2015

    In 2015 I spent my summer holidays traveling across the Altiplano with Temujin Doran to make ALTIPLANO. Our journey began at 6088m on the top of Huayna Potosi, we hitched, trekked & paddled our way along the water-course to the Salt Flats at Uyuni. The purpose of our journey was to explore a fresh perspective on Climate Change to discover a way harnessing Adventure to engage with an environmental issue. Watch the teaser here.

    Revolution Cycle 2008-10

    Over 18months I cycled 31,000km with Simon Evans through the some of the highest, driest, remotest, wettest, poorest and hottest places on earth. Enduring; electrical storms at 4,000m in Bolivia, a knife attack in Iran, -15 degree blizzards in Turkey, and 45 degree desert crossings in Western China. In doing I so became one of the first two Irish Irishmen to circumnavigate the globe by bike. Read the blog here and watch our journey from Dublin to Colombia & Shanghai to Dublin.

    Walking Rwanda 2011

    This was a 220km solo walk across Rwanda from Lake Kivu to Lake Ihema conducting research for MSc thesis in Environment & Development from Trinity College Dublin. See Geographical article for more.

    Via Egnatia 2013

    1,000km hitching, hiking & biking across the Balkan Peninsula following the Via Egnatia an old roman road from Istanbul to the Albanian coast. An impromptu low budget adventure that allowed me to get a deeper understanding of ancient infrastructure and consider how it connects a fractious region today.

    Tramping Transylvania 2012

    I spent 3 weeks tramping through Transylvania; camping, trekking, & hitching at sub zero temperatures. The purpose of the journey was to find solitude in the Carpathian mountains. Instead, in a frozen landscape on the margins of Europe, I found warm & resilient people, stark inequality, and political tension.

    The Prince's Highway 2003

    I was working as a chef in Melbourne. One night I bought a fully loaded turing bike from a guy I met in a bar. Two weeks later I was cycling the 900km to Sydney along the Prince's Highway.

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    "Revolution Cycle"

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